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Another World Part 15 Fluffy by TFAMisu
Another World Part 15 Fluffy
I wanted to do something fluffy! So SHADOW!!!! Shadow is not a puppy, he's full grown....but he still acts like a puppy soooo....
This WILL be poorly written sorry in advance
It was Sunday Morning, no school, no work , and surprisingly no Solor. Star breathed a sigh of relief as she put on her running shoes. I long morning jog sounded prefect.  She left her father a note, not wanting to wake him on the only day he got to sleep in , and left the house. She put in her headphones and away she went
(hour and a half later)
The pace she kept was starting to wear down so she slowed down near the dog park which was 5 miles from her house, she'd use the distance to cool down , but first she should get a drink from the foutian at the park. 
As she walked she noticed that there were a few people already at the park. One caught her eye. All she saw was the back of his jet black hair. He was crouched down and petting a rather large black dog, it was a mix of some sort that Star had never seen.  The dog had dropped a Frisbee at his owners feet  and whined. He boy laughed and picked it up, and waved it around. The dog pranced and barks until the guy held it in the position to throw it. And holy shit he could throw! It flew past some trees, taking leaves with it and surprisingly the dog was keeping up pretty well, as the Frisbee started to descend the dog leaped up and grabbed it between it's teeth and land pretty gracefully back on it's feet.
"That was amazing! Is he a show dog?" Star all but blurted out.
The boy whipped his head around. And guess who it was
"Solor?...Jesus Christ ! I can't have one day of piece! What'd you do? Steal this dog so you could spy on me?!"
"What?! N-No! " He waved his hands around. The dog approached, and seeing his owner in distress, he started to growl at the stranger, baring his white teeth, ...that still held his favorite toy. "Shadow, no!" Solor turned to the dog. Immediately the dog stopped, looked up and cocked his head. "Shadow is my dog...I really wasn't planning on seeing you today, I figured you needed a day...away. "
"Which doesn't explain why you're at the dog park closes to my house." Star put her hands on her hips.
"...Well I can't stay 100% away....I choose the dog park due to the fact that Shadow needed some play time." At the phrase "Play time" The dog's tail started to wag.Star looked warily at the dog, still worried about it growling again.
"He's just protective. Once you let him smell your hand he'll be fine...he already knows your scent" He looked away sheepishly.
"Of course he does, his master is ALWAYS around me" She gave him a mildly irrated look before squatting and placing her hand towards the dog. His ears bend back and sniff, his whole hind-end starts to wiggle and he pants happily and licks her hand. She scratches his ear and he rolls on his back for tummy rubs. 
"So, have a dog?" She couldn't think of anything else to say.
"Yes...Shadow is more than a pet. He's been my one constant through out my life." He bends down to give the dog a pat. Love and adoration reflect in both the dog and human's eyes. 
For my Hubby by TFAMisu
For my Hubby
I've been missing :icondragonanimeparty: and I havn't done any REAL art work for a while so I drew our TFA Oc's Star and Misu.
It's been FOREVER since I last drew Misu but after reading something that Seeker sent me it made my love for her be rekindled.
I'll send this to scrap soon as I color this
I'm actally REALLy hapy with this cuz it's been ....IDK how long since I drew in orginal TFA syle XD
---Story behind it---
Solor is frantically looking around the "battlefeild" , or also known as downtown Detroit. Durning the fight, he had lost sight of Star and Flash.Usally this wouldn't concern him but they had looked to be growing outnumbered; and whenever he would try to go to their side, another enemy would seperate them. As he looked around he saw the other Autobots slowly re-grouping, all of them looking pretty battered ...but alive.
"STAR?!" his spark was pulsing faster as his anxiety grew.
"STA-" his called was interrupted by a female's voice
"Solor! SOLOR! Relax!"
He whips around to locate the voice, Misu steps out from some rubble.She's dirty, and bruised but otherwise alright. She pulls her ninja mask down from her face.
"Misu-sempai! H-Have you seen.."
"Didn't I  tell you to relax?" She gives him a pointed glare before reaching a hand back into the rubble, another hand takes hers and Misu pulls them up.It's Star in her combined suit with Flash.She takes off the helmet to get some fresh air.
"See, she's fine. She sheilded me some debris but we kinda got stuck for a bit.And don't worry, I'M okay too" She rolls her eyes.
Solor looks to Star and relif floods his system.
"Oh...Thank Polaris...."
Another World Part 10 1/2 by TFAMisu
Another World Part 10 1/2
I really need to organize these pages -_-;;
So this is probably after the evil tutor incident 
 This is when Solor comes to school with a uniform on!
A foreign looking student walks up the private academy sidewalk. Some students take notice and eyebrows are raised as whispers start raising.
Star and Misu stand outside waiting for the first bell.
Misu: Hey, who's the ...Oh my God...Star, isn't that your stalker admirer ? *Misu discretly nods her head towards the boy making his way towards Star*
Star:*groans* No fricking...What the Hell?! How'd he get a school uniform?!
Solor: *comes up and stands next to her. He bows to both the girls* Goodmorning , I'm a new transfer student here,please take care of me ("please take care of me" is a common Japanese phrase) I've been told to locate Star Rowan as my student guide.
Star:*before he can say anymore she pulls him aside in anger and leans up and hisses in his ear* What the hell are you doing here?
Solor: Am I not lying good enough? I practiced all night.
Star:NO! I meanwhy are you here in my school, in a uniform?
Solor: In order to protect you without drawing attention to you, as you put that I often due, I decided to enroll. I am in the appropriate age range for school...although I've never been to one...*seems hesitant*
Solor by TFAMisu
So Contuining on with the Royal bloodline, is Solor
Name: Solor
Nicknmae:Blue boy,
Fraction: Chustioan, but he also sides with the Autobots. Which is seen as a big no no. His clan is suppose to be netural
Alt.Mode:I don't remember, but its a sleak and smaller sports car. That and he is actally a Techno-organic. His mother was a Human so he has a real human body, not jst a hologram
Weapons: duel swords, shadows...Guridan Spirit, Death Mode
Abilities/Skills: Duh, Shadows.Though he isn't a master over them, he does use them more than alot of others, so his skills are strong.
Dislikes:Big Crowds, War, Strong emotions, unnessary deaths,
Likes:Nature, Tranquility, Friends,
Personaitly: Well, when he was younger, he was EXTREMLY quiet and anti-social, but he's grown out of it abit. He's very observant and intune to his senses. When he is with very close friends, he can relax and show his true feelings, otherwise, he keeps to himself and in a way he almost seems snobbish, but thats not what he wants to cme off like. He's very skilled, he's had many masters, including Yoketron and Prowl. He is for sure a great ninja.
Important highlights of past: In his clan, ebveryone is born with a star, they believe that star will protect and guide them. The day Solor was born, his star, fell. Fearing for his son, Unio-Verus intrapped a strong gurdian spirit in Solor's spark, over time he would learn to control the spirits power little by little in order to protect himself. But Galx mistakenly made Solor's spirit(Shugosha) come out. The spirit had been locked away for eons and was fueled by revenge, he took complete control over Solor and slaughtered half the clan. When Solor awoke, he was surrouned. He couldn't remeber what happen , but he knew it was his fault. He ran away. 
-After Chustone fell(due to Solor and a break out of Civil War) Solor was taken in by a faimly friend, Yoketron. He was there when Yoketron died. He agian Ran away
-This time, to Earth. This is where he met :icondragonanimeparty: 's oc, Star. ...HIS fallen Star ;) (i've been wanting to tell you Seeker ) He felt deep inside him that she was smething specail to him and he decided he had to protect her at all cost.


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This is just a journal of links (in order, including edited) for the Comic that I've recently been working on. All of the comic is made from… 

Another world:

(Part 1)…

(Part 2)…

Part 3…

Part 4…

Part 5…

The rest don't have a certian sequence other than it follows the above………

 The next 2 are going to happen abit after……


I'm working on adding Galx soon MWHAHAHA

If there are any questions (Seeker) let me know

Thanks ~ ^^

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