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Another World 22 (and a half) by TFAMisu
Another World 22 (and a half)
This is just a sort of Flashback as to how Misu and Star met 
Star is having this flashback as Solor is driving her to a safe spot to plan out their next action.
It had happened near the start of her Sophomore year that the accident happened. The police said it was just an accidental fire, but Star's gut told her it was something much more evil than that.  She couldn't care less that the fire had burnt down her home and all her possessions, she couldn't care less that the fire made her move and have to transfer to a different school. The worst part of the fire was that it took her mother. She never made it out. Star had begged the firefighters to keep looking but they told her it was already too late. 
How dare they?! She slammed her fist into the ground. It was after school, and she was suppose to be at track, running helped her clear her mind, but she couldn't bring herself to stand in front of anyone right now. She felt too emotionally  vulnerable right now. But she couldn't go home, it would only make her father worry about her more, and that was the last thing she needed right now. she had to be strong for her worrisome father. He was already stressed about finances and job security , he didn't need to worry about her too. So there she sat, on top of the school, trying to collect herself. 
3 Months she had been at this school; for the first month she couldn't bring herself to make it through the day. She prided herself on being emotionally strong, but...
" So you're the strong silent type eh? "
Star snapped to attention as member from her track'n'feild team walked towards her. While Star was a runner, this girl was a jumper. Star collected herself and gave her a hard look.
"Leave me alone. If I wanted company I wouldn't be on the roof." She turned around, having her back towards the girl.
"Sorry to inform you but this is MY spot. But since you're still new, I'll let it slid, this once. " The girl dropped her duffle bag and sat down near Star but not too close."By the way, my name's Misu Chou, I'm in the same grade as you, and same Track'n'feild team too"
"I know that." Star bit out harsher than she would've liked. She tried to calm herself down, there was no need to be bitter to this girl. "You already seem to know me,am I right?"
"All I know is your name is Starla and you're the quiet smart girl in the back of the class. Which is odd cuz most of the nerds sit up front." Misu digs into her bag and takes a sip of water.
" me Star. I'm not a nerd,...but my parents are ...were both scientist. So i know some stuff." She couldn't believe she was even talking to this girl, all she wanted to do is sulk in peace. 
"Sorry, thats just what the teacher calls out for attendance . Star, got it.....and I'm sorry for your lost." Before Star could say anything Misu interrupted " You don't need to say anything you don't want, but youre also not allowed to spartan kick me off the roof. ...If it helps, I also lost a parent, not recently but...and..." Misu gives a small smile "I'm also a transfer. " Star just looks at her funny
"Well, I mean, I was born in Detriot, but when my dad died, my mom was a wreck so we moved to Japan for a while to help her. We finally came back to the States about a yeasr ago when she was offered a job she couldn't refuse. So, I mean, in a round-about way I kinda sorta can get you. ...Pocky?"  Misu holds out a strange Red box to Star. 
the rest was history, Misu kept after Star until she finally accepted the fact that she had made a friend, and they've had each other's back ever since.
Star clenched her fist and whisphered into her helmet as her surroundings whizzed by "I will help you thins time Misu" 


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This is just a journal of links (in order, including edited) for the Comic that I've recently been working on. All of the comic is made from… 

Another world:

(Part 1)…

(Part 2)…

Part 3…

Part 4…

Part 5…

The rest don't have a certian sequence other than it follows the above………

 The next 2 are going to happen abit after……


I'm working on adding Galx soon MWHAHAHA

If there are any questions (Seeker) let me know

Thanks ~ ^^

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