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another world handdrawn  by TFAMisu
another world handdrawn
This came out worse than I was hoping :-( But I don't care at this point, with finals coming up I probably won't fix it much. It gets the main idea across. This is a spoiler. And will skip ahead From where we last left our heros! So I won't tell you how it leads up to this , just a small bit
Story time!!!---
They ran. Both keeping up with each other rather well due to Star being in track and well...Solor being trained at a yearly age.
Suddenly Solor grabbed Star and tucked her into his chest before rolling them to the ground. Ninja stars flew over them.
Solor was helping Star up when his chin was firmly grasped and yanked to look up to his older brother Link's eyes.
" Enough Solor. Before someone truly gets hurt, end this silly game." His voice was sterner than he had even been with the younger brother that he dotted on.
"Youre the idiot trying to hurt us!"Star snarled, but stayed on the ground. Something about the atmosphere had her uneasy.
" Its time to come home Solor and forget about this...girl. You've had your fun and were able to show you can be a nusiecence . But..." his eyes soften "please end this before Father ORDERS us to end you. "
"...Link. I can't just stand by while our faimly goes after innocents "
"INNOCENCE?! " He laughs by it disney met his eyes "Solor don't you know what she ..." His eyes widen "You don't know why we're after you?"
Solor remains silent and tries to keep strong eye contact
"...That makes this all the more idiotic Solor! This girl could destroy our faimly! She is no innocent! She is our end Solor! And you dare broke her! "
Solor's face pales. He shots a quick glance to Star who looks confused and angry
"No...she...she cant be.She's just ...she has no means to end our clan. " he looks back into his brothers eyes and tries to see an answer.
"Oh but she does " A third voice slips into the conversation , its Galx.
" And its all thanks to your tortious mother, Blossom."
Stars eyes widen as she hears the name of a women she once met Long Long ago
needing some love by TFAMisu
needing some love
So with finals coming up I've been study in my ass off and I needed a release so I went back through some old roleplays between :icondragonanimeparty: and I and had the rug to draw some of our old ocs that needed some love.
(LEFT) TF2 Percy and Joie. Story behind this; Joie hides the fact that she's female , in fact the last time it slipped she got rapped by a teammate(a heavy) , she transferred to a new team( red). She's very quiet but some how manages to befriend the red scout Percy (Seekers ocs) She keeps her secret from him too. Well anyways in this picture there was a Red Heavy trying to talk to her about girls and just beingnkinda graphic. Percy noticed how uncomfortable she was getting and placed himself between them and pulled her away .
(RIGHT) Ben 10 Zach and Maggie
This would be when they are older . Anyways this is a simple story; Zach didn't want Maggie to say something that might blow their cover. Little does he know that the Maggie he once knew as innocent and naive has went through her own shit while they were separated and she is pause and a bit hurt when he covers her mouth.
These are not finished .
Birthday gift/ Another AU idea by TFAMisu
Birthday gift/ Another AU idea
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEEKER/HUBBY!!!(One day early instead of late like I always am =^=;;  ) 
So this has been waiting to see the light of day for I cant tell you how long. I decided your birthday was the perfect excuse to finally show you it! My brain decided that Flash and Trace needed more love (as a couple X3 ) So it started to think up an idea and this game gave the perfect visual outlet (I haven't been drawing as much, transferred to a more competitive college so gotta keep up on studies. The only drawing I'm doing right now is of the different types of cells and how to distinguish themFrozen - Elsa Crying Icon  it sucks ) ANYWAYS!!!!

It's kind of a "James Bond" AU . So Flash would be "Q" and Trace is just a field agent (by no means would she be considered "007" ). 
So basically Flash is Trace's tech expert and guidance. He helps out with her missions while in the HQ. 
He slipped quietly into the Head Quarters, not liking to engage in the idly chat that some of the other office workers did. As he passed said co-workers he ducked his head and walked by. It's not that he was completely anti-social; but this particular group of people were the type he wasn't found of. They were noisy and always hunting for gossip; and they were extremely judgmental.  He use to be their perfect target when he first started working there. He was in a definition , a "nerd" . He was quiet, passionate about his work, and loved technology. It was because of some of these traits why he had been sought after for the job he was in now. He worked for the American spy network. He was one of the technologist. Since childhood Flash had always had a curiosity in technology, by the age of four he could take apart many different appliances around the house and put it back together. His curiosity only grew. And by the time he graduated high-school (at the age of fifteen) he had about 46 patents of gadgets that he had invented and were fully functional.  Needless to say, Flash had a brilliant mind. But Flash had one major flaw, which was that he was a bit socially awkward. (Which the agency didn't mind, it meant they had a brilliant man without the worry of him blabbing about their operations). He was sweet as could be and had many friends but when put into a group of strangers and excepted to talk, he was tense up.  Flash has social anxiety and is prone to panic attacks went put under too much pressure in the sense of being in the center of attention. 
Which brings us back to why he had been the perfect target for the group of co-workers when he first started. That is, until SHE stepped in.
It had been the third Tuesday since he had first started working. Tuesdays were what the "group" had dedicated as their "Tech Tuesday" and would go after every tech that came into their line of sight. Sadly, for Flash, his desk was right beside their favorite "watering hole" .  They had already stressed him out enough from last Tuesday that he had to take an extra hour for lunch just to calm down.  He was hoping that maybe now that he'd been there for a little bit they'd lay off on him. But as he took the chance to look up, he caught one of their eyes and instantly he felt the blood rush from his face. He tried to turn around and walk fast enough away to wait them out somewhere but it was too late, they had spotted him and were advancing. (Blah blah blah they surrounded him and started picking on him and taking his things from him...regular office bullies/ high school bullies)
"P-Please...I..I don't know what I-I did to g-get on your bad sides...I...I just w-wanna work" Flash was trying to keep his shaking under control but he could feel the panic attack manifesting in the pit of his stomach.
"What? Couldn't quiet catch that with all the s-s-s-stuttering." One co-worker crooned out before the rest started laughing. Flash tried not to flinch. He was a sensitive soul.
"Oye!" A voice barked out from behind him. Flash didn't turn , he just closed his eyes and tried to focus on his breathing, this distraction would last long enough for him to re-gain control.
The "group" looked up and visibly grimaced, some even scowled.
"Hey Agent Trace, back from the mission I see?" someone said trying to change the subject.
"Shut yer trap!" Flash's eyes popped open.He hadn't expected that.Sure I mean the "group" was a bunch of bullies but they were high ranking field agents. They held a lot of people's respect.
"Don't think I didn't see what you were doing to the poor newbie. " Flash turned his head just enough to see the women from the corner of his eye. She, like him, was on the shorter side but not by much, but that didn't seem to make her any less intimating at the moment.  She walked into the middle of the group with her hands on her hips and was looking into the eyes of each "Group" member. 
"We...We were just hazing him know how that goes hah-" Their laugh caught in their throat when Trace's glare leveled on them. 
"Hazing? Really? Thats what you're going to call it? Because you lot looked like a bunch of pre-adolescents surrounding a poor sod on the playgrounds durnin' recess " as she got angrier  her accent got thicker.   "Yer damn adults, start actin' like it! Now get! 'fer i get angry enough to volunteer one of ye to spar with Serpentine!(this is another Agent)" This got the group's attention and had them scrambling to leave.  
"Bunch of half-lit light bulbs..." She mumbled under her breath. With a sigh she turned around to leave when suddenly there was what sounded like a peep. She turned back around and saw that the young tech was trying to speak to her.
"Oh! " She blinked and looked unsure of herself for a moment. "Sorry bout that. They may be good in a brawl but when it comes to brains *she taps her head* they aint all there. Next time they bother ya just start blurting out smart words like "Oxymoron" and it'll scare 'em off. " She smiled at him. 
"T..."He took a breath and looked her in the eyes " Thank you...for helping me."  
She looked at him questioningly and open her mouth then re-closed it, she turned her head and rubbed the back of her neck.
" It's no problem...I ...Know how it feels to be...ummm...awkward?  I'm none to great at making friends, bit of an odd one I am. So if you want to do well in this company, don't..." She looked down "ahh...don't be seen talking nice with me, alright?" She turned her back to him and walked away. 
(Theres so much more I want to write but I really need to stop sorry)
the story isn't suppose to be that great cuz I'm writing it with very little brain power before bed on a Monday night. 
Link to gamesite :
Flash and Serpentine  belongs to Seeker :icondragonanimeparty: 
Trace belongs to me


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This is just a journal of links (in order, including edited) for the Comic that I've recently been working on. All of the comic is made from… 

Another world:

(Part 1)…

(Part 2)…

Part 3…

Part 4…

Part 5…

The rest don't have a certian sequence other than it follows the above………

 The next 2 are going to happen abit after……


I'm working on adding Galx soon MWHAHAHA

If there are any questions (Seeker) let me know

Thanks ~ ^^

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